no relation is as pure as of parents

My name is shanya (Changed Name ) . I am from west Bengal. I am very shy. My father works in a factory. My mother is a house wife. I have two brothers and one sinister. Because of the low income of my father, he was not able to continue my study. So I started staying at my home.

One day my aunt came in our home. She asked my mother why does shanya not go to school? My mother told her everything. She told her that we are not able to bear the expenses of study of shanya. That is why she is staying at home. My aunt was from rich family. She could not see me and my mother in pain. She brought me in her own home in chandigarh and started my study over there. I took admission in graduation.

My Aunt had a daughter. She was of marriageable age. But the problem was that it had become difficult for them to find the suitable guy for their daughter according to their family status. She was of twenty eight years and they yet have not found any suitable guy for her for marriage. So there was always tension in the home. Moreover my aunt had two sons and both of them were married. My bhabhi’s were in the habit of keeping their selves free.

When they came to know that I have come in the home for staying for studies. They tried to make me to do as much work as possible. In the beginning their behaviour to me was very good. But with the passage of time, their behaviour changed toward me. They started blaming me for one thing or the other. My aunt too was helpless before them. Moreover, both of my brothers took the side of bhabhi’s sometimes, they even made fun of me. I could not do anything as I was staying in their home.

It became very difficult for me to concentrate my attention on the studies because I had never experienced this type of atmosphere earlier. Its result was that I failed in B.A. Semester first. When my parents came to know about it they were awfully shocked. They had never believe that I could fail in any of the exams.

My uncle, aunt brothers, bhabhi’s started rebuking me. They started taunting me by saying that I spend most of the time before mirror, do not do any work of the home and do not even concentrate on studies. They even asked my aunt what is the use of taking me in the home for studying if she fails like this. I was fully helpless. There was no body to listen me. It was the period of my time when I felt the unrest need of my parents with whom I could share my feelings but they were far away from me.

Because I had the unrest desire of studying more, I fell on feet of my aunt and told her to give me a chance for one time only I would pass examination this year. My aunt agreed. She co-operated too much with me during the exams and I passed the exams with good marks. My parents were very happy listen it. I was staying at that place just for studying.

Otherwise that place appeared to me just like a hell because everybody taunted me there except my aunt. Only she was there to understand me after completing graduation, I had a sign of relief and I shifted in my own home. Now I am doing job in a company and fully satisfied with my life. But whenever I remember the period of my life which I spent in my aunt’s home I often feel so much suffocating. Really our own home and parents are everything for us. No other relative can take the place of our mom – dad.

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