my autobiography – Very Painful story

My name is Mithila (Changed Name ). I am from Maharashtra. I am a God fearing lady. My parents are no more. I have two sisters and one brother. When my brother was just of six months, my mother died. My father brought up us. But when I was in senior secondary, my father also died. We all were unmarried at that time. My uncle took our responsibility. But our aunt’s behaviour to us was not good. She always rebuked all of us for one thing or the other when my brother was just of sixteen years, he started earning money for us because we had not any other source of money. As he was younger to all of us, we all sisters tried to make him happy. But he always missed My father too much. He was economically very weak. Really that time was too much burdens some for us.

What parents can do for us nobody else can do. All of us had discontinued our study after Secondary exams , I started doing job in a small school nearby our home. I got very less salary but that was better for me rather than staying at home. None of our relatives came to know how we are living. One day me and my sister go in our uncle’s house for staying there for some days. (from our maternal side). My aunt was very clever. She thought that we have come here for staying.

So she decided to marry both of us as early as possible without paying even a little bit attention to our desires I was very innocent but my elder sister was clever. She said that I do not want to marry because I already like a guy with whom I would spend the whole of my life. ( she was involved with a guy in whose school I was teaching) our all relatives tried a lot to make her agree for the arrange marriage but she did not agree. She told that she has gone so far in relation with that guy that she would not be happy with any other guy. So my aunt made me the target she chose a guy for me who was divorcee and was twelve years older to me.

I had never expected this type of behaviour from my relatives. I did many efforts to move from that house. But my aunt told me that our whole reputation lies in your hand now. So I was quite helpless. Everybody was taking it as fun. Had my parents alive at that time they would have never allowed to let it happen. I felt myself as little creature who was helpless. Only ten persons came from that guy’s family to attend the marriage party. No palace was booked. I was not given any jewellery to wear. My cousin gave me her saree to wear in the marriage which she took from me at the time of departure as I was in suit at that time

The guy with whom I was married was drunkard. He had not even a little bit respect for my feelings. My mother-in-law too was very greedy. She started taunting me from the very beginning. She always asked me what have you brought. I was expecting baby although I had not desire for the baby as I had not even small amount of love for my husband. Now I have two children. Few days back, I got up and there was phone ringing. When I picked up the phone, I came to know that my brother is no more.

Really it was too much for me both of my sisters were married of. I had missed my brother also along with my father and mother. Actually, he was in love with a girl. That girl betrayed him. But he was ready to do everything for her as his love was true he did not took the act of betrayal easily and started taking sleep inducing medicines. Due to those he died. Really whenever. I remember my whole account of life, I often complain to God why did he write so much sorrows in my life.

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