Problems in Real Love Story

My name is Shehnay (Changed Name ) . I am from Barnala. I am doing P.G.D.C.A. My parents are living in abroad. I live with my grandmother. I have a boy friend who loves me a lot. My friendship started with him when I was just in Tenth class. He often visits our home in the absence of my grand mother. I often go in restaurant to spend time with him. Sometimes, I used to talk to him throughout the whole night as I have separate room for sleeping. I am the single child of my parents. My parents spend a lot of money on me. I have been provided with every facility at home. But the other hand, my boy friend does not belong to rich family. His father works in a factory. But the problem is that my parents want to marry me with a guy having high status in society. Rather they want to make me adjust in abroad. They are calling me again and again for coming in abroad. But I do not want to go because I do not want to leave my boy friend. All though my parents are in abroad but their thinking regarding love marriages is very low.

They do like only arrange marriages. I often spend too much money on my boy friend. He likes me not just because of money but rather he loves me truly and whole heartedly. Whenever I find any problem linked to my life, I often consult with him and he does every effort to solve that problem. Sometimes, I feel myself lucky for having such a nice boy friend. I can not think of marrying anybody else except him. Now, as I am of marriageable age, my parent’s wants to take me from India and want to get me marry at Canada. Which I can not do at any cost. Sometimes, I think of talking about my boy friend to my parents. I want that they should call him also along with me in Canada. So that we could live happily over there after marriage. But I do not have courage to talk about it to my parents. I often think what would happen if they get me marry with some another guy as early as possible after listening about my boy friend. We often discuss about our future with each other. My boy friend too can not think about spending life with some another girl except me. Because our relation is not just physical it has become spiritual too. Please suggest me what should I do so that I could be happy in future.

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