Love With Fear

My name is Priya (changed name) I am from hoshiarpur. I have a boy friend whose name is bunty (Changed Name ) . He studies with me in the college. He is senior to me. One day, in the college we planned for going in the restaurant so, we attended just four periods of the beginning and left college in the fifth period. He was on his bike and I was on my scooty. We reached at the restaurant where we usually meet each other. We talked whole heartedly to each other. But we were not aware that some boys of our college were following us in the college. They had clicked our photographs (which I came to know later on). When I was sitting our there, I felt that my mother is moving in the restaurant. I immediately covered my face and came out from that place without being noticed. I started my scooty and reached at home. My mother was not in the home. Now, I was sure that the lady who was moving in the restaurant was my mother. After fifteen minutes, our door bell rand. It was my mother. My mother slapped on my face on seeing me and asked me what I was doing in the restaurant. But I told her lie by saying that I was not in the restaurant and I have come directly from home. Then she told me that she had received a call from her phone on which some boy was saying that you are in restaurant with your boy friend. What was that I was not able to understand? After that my mother warned me for not taking any wrong against the reputation of my parents.

Next day, when I reached college, bunty met me and I told everything what had happened and I told him to investigate the whole matter. Actually, I wanted to know the person who had told to my mother that I was in restaurant with bunty. When he investigated everything then we came to know that there was a guy who had proposed me for friendship one day. I had rejected his offer. But he was still after me and wanted to tease me in one way or the other to take revenge. When I came to know about the guy, I got very angry. When he came near me one day, I slapped on his face and said stop teasing me. From that day, everything is going on well. But I often think, he may create a problem at any time for me. Because of this fear, I have started keeping away from bunty now. After all how can he create love in my heart for him if I am already devoted to someone else?

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