real confession by student – English Story

My name is…….. I am the student of in a college. I love my teacher. I always wait for her lecture. I like the way, she expresses the things. I am the brilliant student of my class and my teacher talks most pleasantly with me. I have deep respect in my heart for my teacher. I can not express my feelings of love to her because there is wide difference of age gap between us. Moreover, I think, how would she react when I disclose my heart to her. When the lecture is going on, I keep on looking at her. From few days back, I am not able to concentrate on my studies. My final exams are approaching. I often feel pained, when I think, what would happen after the exams, when I will not be able to meet her because after exams we are not allowed to enter in the college. Moreover it is my last year in the college, my graduation is going to be completed after this year sometimes, I think, I should not pass the final exams as I would get one more year to stay near my teacher. But my career would spoil with it & moreover my parents will not be able to digest this news from my side as they perceive me as an intelligent boy. Kindly suggest me the best way.

Posted By :  Jatin Sharma Jalandhar

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