Revealing the identity

My name is….. I am 50 years old. I am married and I have three children also. I have my face book account also. I sends e-mails to the females by my fake E-mails id. One day I sent e-mails to girl who was of 22 years old and was not known to me. I started chatting with her. I did not chatting with her. I did not reveal to her my real age. He told her that I am just twenty five years old. Six months have passed since our friendship started. she calls me daily in the day and even at night. She has shared to me every secret of her life. She has full trust in me. I stared my relationship with her which was fully based on lie as I did not disclose to her my real age. She even wants to marry me. I do not have any courage of revealing of my real; age to her & telling that I am married and I do have three children also. She called me several times for meeting each other. I went to meet her in the restaurant but did not came before her. She gave me phone call again and again. But I did not pick up the phone. I saw her in reality. She was looking so innocent and cute. Now I do not want to break her heart as she has woven many dreams related to her life with me. But I do not have any other option. If my wife comes to know about it she would really never be able to excuse me. Suggest me what should I do. If I should continue me relationship with her or break up with her at once. Suggest me the suitable advice which could be helpful for me in the future.

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