Age Gap – Love Story

My name is….. I am from Puna. I am in love with a boy who is seven years younger to me. We often meet each other in restaurants.We have proper understanding between each other.We call each other on daily basis. Hardly a day passes when we do not meet. We do have bodily relations with each other also. He is without job. On the other hand I am doing permanent job in electricity department. He often demands money from me and I spends money on him lavishly. He is a good looking guy. I was attracted toward her physique in the beginning of our love affair. I have made her mother a very good friend of mine. I often go in their home and talk to their family.

They treat me as their family member. They might have never thought that I could have love affair with their boy who is seven years younger to me. Had that boy of my age I would have proposed him for marriage. When I talk to him about marriage he says that his family would never agree to their marriage as I am seven years younger to you. But I wants to have bodily relations with me even after my marriage. I do not what is in his mind. But I am whole heartedly devoted to him. I can not think of any other person except him for marriage. He is the first and last for me. Now I am of marriageable age. My father wants me to get married with a boy doing good job in some department but I do not want to marry an another person. I do not want to make the life of my would be husband’s hell as I want to keep in contact of that guy even after marriage as I can not live without him. I have rejected many Matrimonial s because of my this very problem. On the other hand I am not sure whether that boy loves me truly or he is just flirting me for having fun and money. I have tried for several times to forget him. But I am not able to do so.

Suggest me the best possible way which could relieve my tension and help me of moving on.

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  1. Its my point of view age doesn’t matter for love … but family happiness is important for us … so move on ….

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