I Sumit Saxena , used to be very dull and naughtiest student during my school days. I always blamed others behind my failures. In the whole school I hated only one girl. That was Shruti, my classmate. She always made me pointed in front of teachers for the things which I did not do. I decided to take revenge from her.

This girl Shruti used to wear like a thick layer of foundation on her face and I wanted my revenge. So we were doing our projects and I put liquid glue all over my hand and I called her name and slapped her. She said why would u do that and I was laughing so hard at her. After those 5 minutes later the glue dried and to get the glue off she had to peel off her foundation with it.  That day I was feeling that -This was probably the best day of my life.

But really not … to behave weird is not our culture. Today I feel sorry for my act. I should not have done this. The act what I did was not right and it was against humanity.

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  1. yes dear you behaved so wrong and the worst part of your behaviour was to laugh at her after applying glue

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