Why I did so

I and my brother both loved each other so much. We used to eat, sleep, dance, enjoy everything together . But I don’t know why I did that mistake in my life which took me away from my brother. My brother used to give me his everything to use and never denied for anything. Even those shoes also which our father gave him as birthday gift. After when he died, my brother most of the time see them to refresh the memory of our papa.

Once I asked my brother to give me those shoes to go in a party. He happily gave me. I went the party. One of my friends asked me about those shoes because they were very attractive and branded.

Next day my same friend demanded those shoes for some personal function. I could not deny. Even I didn’t ask my brother too.  So I gave.

After two days I asked my friend to get me back those pair of shoes to me. What he said was very shameful for me. He lost those shoes in the function.

Now I had nothing in my hand. My brother came to know about the shameful act alone by me.

After that my brother never talked to me. I apologized many times but I could never bring that love again between us.







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