True Love Story

Sonia I Love You – Sad Love Story

My name is Sumit (Changed Name ) . Here I am sharing my true love story with you . I studied in St. Paul Convent School of my area. When I was just of 15 years old, I started liking a girl who was my class mate. She was quite innocent. Other guy’s always teased her because of her innocence. But she always felt protected when I was near her. She was in the habit of sharing each and everything linked to her life with me. After completing matriculation from the school, both of us took admission in the college.

From the very beginning I had liking for that girl. But there was not anything negative in that. My love to her was completely spiritual. We used to talk on phone for many hours together. Even in the college we were in the habit of spending time in the company of each other. But I had never tried to touch her body even for a single time because I had much regard for that girl. After completing graduation, we thought of doing post graduation. I had interest in Punjabi.

So all of my friends were taking admission in Punjab University for post graduation and my parents too were saying me to take admission in the university if want to do post graduation. So I took admission in Punjab University for doing M.A. Punjabi. That girl’s parents did not allow her to take admission in university although she had unrest desire to do. M.A (English) from Punjab University. After completing post graduation that girl’s parents started thinking about her marriage. She told me about it on phone. At that time I really understood her value and felt that my liking is not just liking it has changed in to love. Even in her absence in the university, I remembered her a lot. So I thought, it is the right time for getting her parents in to the confidence for the marriage but one day before when …… Now i dont know what will future of my real love story …

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