Girl friend’s brother very dangerous

My name is kulwinder (Changed Name) . I am from ludhiana. My father is the richest businessman of our area. Every body calls me ‘Kaka’ at home. I want to share an incident linked to my life which happened recently in my life. I am in the habit of performing stunts, chasing and purposing girls. There was a girl in my class who was very beautiful I started liking her in the very beginning, I thought that she is interested in me. So I proposed her. From her appearance, she was looking quite innocent and docile. Her answer was ‘no’ I did every effort to win her heart. I tried to show in the class that I am from very rich family as I had thinking that girl’s like those guys who are economically sound I started coming in the college by car.

Although my parents always rebuked me for taking the car in the college as my father had to go in the car in office but I did not listen anybody. I was doing this just to win her heart. But she was going far and far away from me. I started chasing her on the way to her home. I bought precious gifts for her and employed one of her friend to pass these gifts to her but she rejected those gifts and her attitude did not change even a little bit. One day I was following her on the way to her home when she was going back to her home. She was going back to her home. She was looking very beautiful on that day.

My bike was on 20-20 speed per K.M. but she was driving some fast. After covering some distance her activa slowed down. She was looking from her mirror toward me. I thought she is showing her concern toward me and want to say some thing to me which she can not say in the college. During that time, a car stopped near me. The boys from the car started asking me about where about and they were not behaving with me properly. Her active too had stopped at that time. I was trying to show myself ‘hero’ over that place because of the presence of that girl so I slapped on one of the guy’s face. But they hold me from the collar and started beating me mercilessly and I fell in conscious and I do not know who brought me in the hospital.

When I came in to the conscious my friend was sitting behind me. I asked him,” who brought me here”. He told I and asked what was the need of slapping those guys and those guys were that girl’s brothers. I was shocked to know about this all. After that I did not go after any other girl and always afraid of girl’s brother. Guys who have their girl friends should always beware of their brothers because girl friend’s brother is always very dangerous.

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