Success story – Hard work pays

My name is abhishek (Changed Name) . I agree with this statement that hardwork pays or hard work is key to success . I am from a village under gurdaspur district in Punjab (India). I belonged to very poor family. In the village, everyone treated to us badly because we were poor. My father was a taxi driver and earned very less money. He had large family to support but there was not any other source of income. I studied in government school up to metric. After that my father told me bluntly that he has not enough money with which he could continue my study. So my parents sent me to my uncle with whom our family had good relations with my uncle, I learned how to work. My uncle appointed me as driver of taxi. I started saving money out of my meager income. After that I bought a car on installments with in a year I paid all the installments of car and after that I started using it for giving it on rent in the marriages.

I earned a lot of money by this way. After that I again started saving money and bought a truck and started driving it myself. I had India level permit. My fortune was shinning at that period of my life very much and even now. I earned so much money that I bought two more cars although second hand and started keeping these three cars for rent. With in five years of my carrier. I bought one more truck and I had two trucks and three cars now and in sixth year I had my minni transport.

I had not told anything about it to my family till now. I had resisted my uncle also for not telling about my parents. When it was my mother’s birthday on Tenth Nov, I presented her my three cars and two trucks and took my whole family to show them my business. They were surprised to know about my success and they started feeling proud on me. Now we have the biggest home in our village and all villagers feel jealous from us now and they are also surprised how I earned so much money. Now everybody in the village look at me and at my family with respect. It is by efforts we can achieve success in our life. God’s will also play a great role in man’s life. I hope everybody would like my real success story and will be inspired by it for doing hard work and getting success.

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