thank god – incomplete love story

Hi friends. Many incidents occur in our life which we can never forget. I am going to share an incident related to my life. Which left deep impressions on my mind. I was in B.SC final at that time. I started loving a boy. But that boy was just passing time with me where as my love to him was true. One day I dialed his no. we started talking to each other. My friend was also with me at that time. I started telling him about my friend who was in home at that time. He expressed his desire of talking to her. I gave her the receiver and she started talking to him. When that boy introduced himself to her. My friend came to know that this is the same boy with whom she was involved in the last year and he was proved disloyal to her as he had many other friends also. She was completely stunned to know that I am involved with such kind of guy. She started crying bitterly and told me the whole thing which was between her and the boy with whom I was in love now. I could not believe what she was saying as that guy looked me so innocent to me. It took time to me to move on as I had full trust in him. She was my best friend and she warned me of keeping away from that guy and told me that otherwise he would ruin your life as he has ruined mine I understood the whole matter I was feeling pity both on my friend and me. Because he had tried to tried to trap me as well as my friend by his innocence. It was just by God’s grace that my life was saved and I got out of all such things well in time.

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