Me and my sister – heart touching story

Me and my sister!

It is mine real story related to me and to my sister. My name is jhanvi and my sister’s name is Priya.

I am doing job and Priya is studying in primary standard.
We are not real sisters but we are cousins. We are living together as Priya’s parents expired in her childhood. My mom dad is her aunt uncle. Generally my mom and my brother show anger to priya because she is not from our blood relations. My mother assigns all work to Priya, considers her separate from the family. Sometimes my brother beats Priya due to many reasons like she is not intelligent in studies. My brother and mother scold her a lot. Priya is younger to me and I was doing job in Bangalore. It was difficult for me to tolerate Priya’s bad treatment. But everybody ignored me. I talked to my dad one day but he didn’t agreed to me. He told me that you would know about the life when I be mature.
I left all this to God and what more I could do. I asked to my real sister to help me but she also refused. One day she felt that she should talk to my brother and mother. She talked to mom as mom loves her a lot and never refuses for anything to her.
My mom improved her behavior to Priya as it was satisfactory to me and I said thanks to my real sister. I also felt my mother’s greatness.
Priya’s condition is far better now but yeah sometimes she faces many difficulties. I give her sympathy that it is life, she has to face it.
I and she understands the fact of life that every moment is about to live and we should not worry about, what is happening to us. We should leave it to God.
Generally when I come home, we spend time together and enjoy all timings.
I teach Priya and solve her math’s problems generally. She has the positive point that she lives happy in all conditions. Sometimes she misses her father-mother too much and then I try to make her feel happy.
Priya is well experienced in kitchen work. She makes many dishes and do all work within minutes. Sometimes my mom saw this quality and appreciates her.
As the years passed, she was of nineteen. I told my father for her marriage in a good home. As she is away from her parents and struggled a lot in her complete life.
One day one uncle came to my home. He saw Priya’s work and requested my father to make her his daughter –in- law. His son was very intelligent and working as scientist in Microsoft research.
I agreed for this relation. The guy was perfect for my sister Priya as he is very decent and has all qualities. I found he would keep my sister happy always.
I requested my father to accept this relation. I also took help from one of my aunt for Priya’s marriage. She also told my dad to get agree to this.
After discussions, my father got agreed with the relation. Now it was the time to do preparations for the marriage function. My happiness was like unexplainable. I’m very happy with Priya’s marriage.
Priya is married and spending a very happy life with her husband.
I am very thankful to God.

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