True Gift to sister by brother with love

My name is Poonam (Changed Name ). I am from Jalandhar. I am in B.C.A Second year. I have one brother and I am his only sister. My father is in army and mother is house wife. I am very jolly nature wise. So I have lot of friends. Many of my friends visit in my home. My brother is one years elder to me. He is very frank. He liked to talk with the girls just for time pass. He was not good character wise as he liked to ditch the girls. So whenever I brought any of my friend (girl) in the home, I told her before hand that no to have trust on my brother’s talks as he is flirt. I often said my brother for not to behaving like this. As the girls to whom he flirts always rear bad feelings in their heart for him. But he did not agree to it. He said that it is my hobby and he just like. To pass the time with the girls. Moreover he was expert in winning the hearts of the girls. He kept himself busy on the phone talking to the girls he had many Sims so that he could give one number to one girl friend. He often went in the restaurants with his girl friends. When ever, I said him, why do you behave like this. Then he said that I am boy. So I can do anything. Society will not point me if I indulge with the girls. It will point only girls. Girls should be good character wise but boys do not have anything to do with character. He always said says me not good character wise. He can never allow me to talk on phone with a guy but he himself enjoyed the full freedom. He always said me to be simple while going to the college but he liked only fashionable girls. I Was not able to understand his nature. Two years had passed from when I was advising her to leave it as the girls to whom he flirts are the sisters of a brother like but he turned draft ear to my advice.

Two days back, there was Rakhi. I bought a beautiful Rakhi for him and I prepared the dishes (sweets) which he likes the most. I did everything by which he could fell happy. Really, he felt very happy on that day and asked me to ask anything which he would fulfill at any cost. I told him that he would fulfill at any cost. I told him that he would not be able to fulfill that. But when he insisted me again and again then I asked him wish of not flirting the girls for two minutes he kept silent and after that he accepted me wish and kept hand on my head and vowed that he would not hurt the feelings of any of the girl and respect all of them. In this way I have now improved my brother and I am very happy because my brother has stopped ditching the girls.

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