Love with Nurse – Real Experience

My name is Armaan (Changed Name ) . I am from Nawashahr. I am in B.SC second year. One day, I was going for the tuition of chemistry and when I was coming back to my home an accident took place with me I was on my bike and from my left side a car came very speedily and it hit me. I fell unconscious over there were some how, my parents were told about it and I was taken in to the hospital when I reached over there, I was unconscious. After two hours, I got conscious ness. Nurse who treated me was very caring. I was very afraid of it that time as I was not able to come out of the fear because of the accident. She handled me very sympathetically and helped me a lot to come out of the fear which had overpowered me. I stayed in the hospital for eight days. She was the in charge of my room. She did not only treated my physically but psychologically also. My parents were the other support for me. But as all of my family members were working so they were not able to devote much time to me and I was in dire need of the company of some one who could help me for coming out of the mishappening.

It was the time of my life, when I started liking the profession of a nurse. Prior to it, I thought that every profession on this earth is based on money. But really, the profession of a doctor or a nurse is not just based on money. Money can be earned by many other means also. But to cure the sufferings of the people is really a great deed. When a nurse or doctor, operates the patient, it is just in his or her hand the life of a person lies. So they are called second to God. Had there not been full of many sufferings. Really, when we are relieved from the pain, we always give good wishes to the doctor or nurse.

At that time, when I was in the hospital. I started liking the nurse so much that I started thinking that how I would spend time when I will be discharged from the hospital. But my liking for her was not that of physical in nature. My liking for her was spiritual. Actually, the affection, love and care which she had shown to me were never experienced by me through out the whole of my life and she too not had any sort of bad feelings for me. Her attachment to me was spiritual and her love was that of a sister. At that time I came to know why they are called sisters because their affection to us is just that of our own sister. There is not any sort of profit motive in it.

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