My True Love Story

Here I am sharing my true love story with you .
My name is…. I live in …. I am 28 years old. I was  committed with a girl named…. she works in I.T company she lives as paying guest near my work place . Our intimacy developed as we had the same route for the working place. one day, she called me in her home. I went there. From formal talk we became very good friends My visits became often in her home as there was nobody around. I do n’t know how my intimacy with her changed in to love. I was with her in the bed room. Suddenly the door bell rang. It was her Dad who had come there Without telling her anything about the visit. I was panicked. She told me the way to the roof to get rid of this situation. As there was not any other way, I went to the top of the home & sensing danger, I jumped from the top of the house. There was a dog, It saw me as I was running & started running toward me. I pulled off my chapel & threw at it. I some how reached at home.

After reaching home , I called her. She picked up the phone told her that I am safe now and I have reached they home. Her father listened our talks an another telephone as its was connected with the same wire. He told her to leave the job immediately & got her in to the home. Now she has been engaged with a boy who is software engineer against her wishes. She is going to be wed after two months. As our castes are not same, Her parents would never allow her to marry me. Suggest me, what should I do. Should I run away with her for the purpose of marrying her or I should forget her or start my life afresh which is going to be very difficult for me.


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