untold love story – in english

My name is…. I was deeply in love with a girl of my class. Sometimes, I felt she was also interested in me. One day, I proposed her for friendship. But she did not accepted my proposal & after that she stopped showing any interest in me. I was still in love with her. After some days, I co-incidentally met with a girl who was her friend. I discussed the whole matter with her. She told me that she her self had told that girl to say ‘no’ because she is very innocent and she would not be able to understand the boy with whom she was going to be- friend I requested her friend that I want to keep in contact with the girl whom I like.

Valentine day was coming near. I arranged a party in order to know her ‘’yes’ or ‘no’. I told her friend that if she be is willing to befriend with me, she will come to the party & if she does not want to have friendship with me, she would not come. I waited for her a along time with my other friends. But she did not come. I felt very sad. I felt as if everybody is making fun of me as I was completely lost in the thoughts of that girl who did not had any sort of feeling for me. Some of friends consoled me. At the end of the party, I was talking to the friend of that girls & tears started flowing down my eyes. She treated me as her younger brother as she was three years elder to me & consoled me. She told me that the girl (with whom I am in love) is under somebody’s influence that is why she does not want be friend with me. The whole matter finished and we decided to go on a trip for having some fun. But before that I wrote some words about that girl (with whom I was in love) in a diary and handed over that diary to her friend & told her not to show this diary to her as I had filly expressed myself in that diary.

Some how, that diary reached to that girl (with whom I was in love). Her stone heart started melting. But at that time, I had completely gone for away from her. When I came, I came to know that she has started liking me we exchanged our phone no’s.It was happening with me for the first time

Unluckily it was the time, when my graduation’s exams were coming near and it was my last year in the college. It was not possible for us to talk with each other freely because exams were going on & we both were busy in preparation of the exams. When exams were over, I waited for a long time for her call. I tried to call her. But she had changed her cell no and she never called me since that day. I am still in love with that girl but do not know anything about her. Where about.

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