what to do – love suggestion

Hey Friends, I am tamana (Changed Name), I am in graduation. I belong to middle class family. My father is engaged in business. I am the only child of my family.  There is a boy studding in my class. He has taken admission just few months back. He is very smart and intelligent and from his living style one could judge that he is from very rich family. I have started liking him .Even when he is in the class; I am not able to concentrate on the studies. His appearance in the class thrills my heart and I feel too much excited. This has never happened in my life and it is just for the first time that I love someone. I think he too has feelings for me but I am not sure.

I just want to get him at any cost. But being a girl, I can not propose him and one thing that fears me a lot is that I am not as rich as he is. Along with it I can not also so smart look wise. From every aspect he is perfect and no girt can deny his proposal If he proposes so I feel my self very low when I think about expressing my feeling to him. Please guys I am in too much worry. Please suggest me what to do or what not?

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