A very sad love story that will make you cry

My name is Mitin (Changed Name). Here I am sharing my true love story that will make you cry . I have done post graduation and am doing business now. When I was in graduation, I started liking a girl. I proposed her, she agreed and we become very good friends. With in few days our friendship changed into love. Not even a single day passed, when we did not call each other. We shared each and every matter related to ourselves with each other. I did not ever think about any other girl except Neeru (My girl friend name). She too had too much intimacy with me. I always thought about her only. Few months back, talked to my parents about neeru and told them everything about my feelings for her. They too got agreed for accepting her as daughter in law. I felt myself at the top of the world. Her parents were already familiar to my parents and they too got agreed. We both were very happy. But what was written in my destiny was deeply awful. Just before few days of our engagement, when she was coming to meet me so that we could do shopping together and I was eagerly waiting for her in the jewelers shop with my parents, she meet with an accident and died. My heart beat stopped when I come to know about it and become totally shocked. Six months have passed since that incident happened but I have not come out of that and I think would never will come out please guys suggest me what should I do to be stable .

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