whats wrong in my love

My name is….. I am 28 years old. I am doing fashion designing in a college. I am living as a paying guest near my college. I love a boy who studies in the same college. We often meet each other in restaurants. We spends nights together. We have physical relations with each other. One day, I talked to that boy that he should think of talking to his parents for marriage. He told me that he does not want to tell about the marriage to his parents because they would never allow him to get marry with a girl who is three years elder to him. I am three years elder to him. I love that boy truly. That is why I had fully surrendered myself before him. He does not want to get marry with me. He is just making excuses about his parents. He wants me to get marry with the boy who would be selected by my parents. One day he told me that after my marriage, he does not want to break the relation. He wants to meet me in the restaurants even after my marriage. When I tells him that you are just flirting me. He tells at that time that you would never be able to understand me. He tells he truely loves me. There are some obstacles in his way for the marriage as he is not settled in work. Moreover, he has much responsibilities on him. He tells you are the first girl with whom I have expressed the feelings and says “I can not love other girl except you throughout the whole of my life”. I have not understood him. Some times, I feel he is just flirting me & set the same time I feel he truely loves me. I am in complete confusion. Suggest me what should I do so that I could wholly assess the real nature of my friend.

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