my baby my love – english story

My name is …. I am working woman. I have a daughter who is two years old. My marriage took place four years ago. My marriage took place four years ago. My husband had the problem hallucination. He was an M.B.B.S doctor. He had his own world. There was no complaint regarding him from his work place. But often when he came in the house, he kept on loosing himself in his own world. Sometimes he was in the habit of asking,” who are you”. And ‘who is this’ (pointing toward my baby). When I was lost in his own world, he did not know anything about this world. In the very beginning of my marriage, I was shocked to know this type of behaviour of my husband. One day he put his heavy books on my baby thinking it as a toy. When I asked him why did he do so. He told me I do not have any baby. It is just a toy. I felt too much shocked at that time. I am the single child of my parents. My father is a principal in a school having good reputation. My mother is no more. One day he ( my husband) was driving a car, he went in to the hallucination, as he was in its habit. He lost control over the vehicle and struct in to a Jeep & was no more. My father brought me home after this incident. As I am the single child of the family, he always keep on thinking about my pitiable state. Sometimes he tell me to get marry with some another person. But I do not want to get marry. I too much love my baby. My hope lies in her only. I can never think of getting married after this incident. Suggest me what is the right way for me.

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