Whatsapp Love Story – Based on real story

My name is Tanya (Changed Name) . It’s my real whatsapp love story. I got my true love on what’s aap with whom I am spending my life happily. I was on whatsapp with my jija ji. My jeeju is very frank and we share everything related to our life with each other as he is my best friend. My jeeju had made group on whatsapp and its name was Kismet wale log. We were used to post the message daily on whatsapp and read these. I noticed that there is a boy in whatsapp group who daily posted sad messages but I was in the habit of posting the messages which give happiness to the others and one can have good time pass by reading those. That guy’s name was Raj (Changed Name ) . I had great curiosity about knowing that guy. He had posted a very beautiful profile picture in which he was looking quite handsome. I wanted to call that guy but did not have courage to call him. Some how, I ventured my courage and called him Raj picked up the phone but I disconnected the phone as I was at a loss to know what to talk to him. After two minutes, I got the call from the same number which was of raj but I did not pick up the phone and disconnected the phone when he called me again and again. After a month, I again gave missed call on his phone.

He again called me but I did not pick up the phone then he sent message on whatsapp for picking up the phone. His message was like this, “Please pick up the phone shona.” I was happy on reading the message and the name which he had given to me in the message. Finally, I picked up the phone and he started talking to me. He was very curious to know about me. I discussed about my family with him. He became more interested in me after knowing about me.
After that we separated our self from what’s app group and started sending each other the messages separately. We came very close to each other with the help of what’s app. It was the first time that I was talking to a boy on what’s app actually, I was not in affair before it. So, everything seemed to me very fine in love. As I am of marriageable age, my parents are finding am a suitable guy for me but I want to get married only with that guy but I do not have courage to tell my family that I am in affair and I could not marry any other guy expect him. I often think how would my parents react when they come to know bout my Love affair (Started on whatsapp) but one day, I am sure that I would have to discuss about it to my family agree for my marriage with that guy as I think he is most suitable for me and is doing a good job on a higher post.

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