Very very Inspirational Story

My name is Kunal (Changed Name ) . I am from hydrabad. It is my real story by which I want to show the real picture of the society to you by this site. My father is a bank manager and my mother is house wife. I Am of 21 years old. I have done and I have not found any job yet.

We bought a new house in an unauthorized colony. My father had the dream of buying a lovely and big home. So he invested his money in buying that home for the family. But there was not power supply in that home we applied for the connection but an official from the electricity department demanded 80,000 Rs from up for the electricity connection. We had not enough money that time to pay as we had recently bought the home and moreover we were living in our home although it was in the village and was small in size. After three months, we again applied for the power connection. An officer from the electricity department demands our request and again demanded for the money. This time, my father suggested that they should pay off the money as it is urgent to have electricity connection in the home. so we were planning to keep the house on rent. My father gave me the money and told me to pay off the money to the officer but I was of the view that we should not give our hard earned money to the officer to have power connection. So, I thought a plan. I went in to the home of that officer by taking money. I recorded our whole conversation on the phone from which it was clear that the officer was asking for the money for the power connection. After our conversation was over, I told the officer that I have recorded the whole conversation on phone. He got very angry and started rebuking me. When I asked my money back. He refused to pay my money and broke my phone. But luckily I had uploaded the whole video to Google drive. I again went in to his home the next day and he asked me what I want. I told him that I had uploaded his video on Google drive. He got frightened on hearing it. He got ready for the power connection without bribe and I asked him to buy the new phone in place of the phone which he had broken. He immediately got ready for that and handed over me the money for buying it. I got the power connection in my home with in just two days after that without giving any bribe.

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