World’s Best Papa – Very Emotional Story

My name is sohani (Changed Name ). I am of  14 years old. I study in ****  school. I am from Amritsar. I am the only child of my parents. Both of my parents love me a lot. They never say ‘no’ to any of many demand. My father loves me more than my mother. I have grown up now and my father has never rebuked me throughout the whole of my life.


My mother sometimes rebukes me. Whenever I do not get good marks in the studies. But my father does not say me any thing negative but always encourage me for studying. My father does not ever say me no for whatever amount of money I ask from him. When he comes from the office and I come from my school at home, he does not ever go to sleep without discussing the things happened in the office to me and I also discuss the working of whole day to my Dad. After that we take lunch and go to sleep when it is 5’o clock, my father makes me to get up by kissing on my forehead.


After that my mother prepares tea for all of us and after taking tea he helps me in doing the home work. His method of teaching every subject is very good. He understands everything taught by my father to me. He does not ever fight with my mother in my presence. He is of the thinking that disputes in the home always put negative impact on the minds of the children. He has tried to create very healthy atmosphere of our home. When ever my mother rebukes me for doing anything wrong my father always take my side even if I am wrong. He daily brings eatables from market for me and always take care of my health.


One day, we all were sitting in the room and were watching T. V. There was a movie going on a channel. There  was a scene related to the departure of barat. When my papa, saw that scene where girl was weeping and his father also because her daughter was leaving him fore over and shifting in other home of her in laws, my father too became emotional and hugged me. There were tears in his eyes. I wiped his tears and made my father happy. He might be thinking that he has only single child and too would shift in some other home after marriage. My Papa is world’s the best Papa. I can never think of leaving my papa. I do not like any thing of the world as my papa.

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