Dowry Seekers Please Excuse

My name is Aradhana (Changed Name ). I have completed my post graduation. When my post graduation was over, my family started finding a suitable guy for me for the marriage as I was of marriageable age. Our neighbours suggested a guy to my family for my marriage. As that guy was quite intelligent and was doing good job in a pharma company they got agreed for my marriage with that guy. The date of my marriage was fixed. My father spent much money on my marriage according to the condition of our home. In the beginning they did not demand any dowry from us. But as the date of marriage was coming near, their demands increased. My father even borrowed money for fulfilling their demands. He did every thing for getting his daughter married in a good family. I always taught my family that if my parents they would keep on fulfilling their demands, their (in – Laws) demands will keep on increasing. But my parents did not pay attention to it and said that every parents has to give money or the other things in the home of their daughter’s in – laws so that their daughter may get happiness and respect in that home.


The day of my marriage came. The marriage party reached at the appointed pour. We had booked a very big restaurant of our area for the marriage and spent too much on every ceremony. Every body was enjoying in my marriage. Now it was the time of the departure. My father mother were not looking happy as I was supposed to shift in some other family after marriage. Just then the father of bride groom came near my father and asked for 5 lakh rupees as dowry for their son’s marriage. My father got shocked as he had not as much money with him at that time. My father told him that they do not have so much money and how they would be able to arrange so much money in such a short time. Boy’s father then told that what was the need for getting in to the relationship with our family of they were poor. He also said that had they come to know such economic condition of the family they would have never got ready for the marriage of their son in that family. My father started weeping on hearing it. I heard this all. I told my mother that I would not marry in such a family who are asking for dowry even now.


I went in to the police station and filed case against the bride groom’s family and demanded all the money and other things which we had given to them in other ceremonies and I told my parents that I would marry in that family which would not take even a single rupee as a dowry in the marriage. My parents got agreed and they are now finding some other guy for me for my marriage. I have got promotion in my job and I want to prove to my parents that girls are no longer liabilities on their parents.

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