We all are same

My name is Akash (changed Name). I am from Nagaland. I am studying in senior secondary. I am 18 years old. I want to share something by this site which is very painful for all norths – eastern people and I am posting it on behalf of them. A few days ago, our class decided of going on a tour. We took permission from our principal for going on the tour and permission was about going Delhi and Rajasthan. So we all wanted to see Delhi and Rajasthan. We all were in very happy mood. We enjoyed a lot during the whole path. I was really going to be a new experience for us. But we all were much pained to know that, when we reached pained to know that, when we reached in Delhi, that was people’s behaviour toward us. They treated us as foreigner. This thing hurted all of us a lot. Earlier we were enjoying a lot but when we had this type of experience all of our fun was lost. I thought we are also the citizen of India but why do the people living here treat us as we are foreigner. Really, we lost interest in everything. Our class teacher along with whom we had come there top was pained to notice that all and told that after it they would never come to visit Delhi because of the ill treatment of the people.

At that time, when we were talking to each other, an uncle came near me. I was thinking that uncle would ask me about my where about and would have friendly talk with me as he would be anxious to know about our culture and many other things. But when he opened his mouth, he spoke just three words which hurted me deeply and those words were: – Are you Korean? I was shocked to hear this all. I did not like that at all. I said ‘no’, I am not Korean at all. Then he asked me in English. Really, his English speaking was very funny. He could not pronounce many words clearly. I started laughing because of his very poor command over English.

Now I want to ask all the northern people do why they ill treat with us. Why do they not understand that we are also the part of India? It does not matter if our culture and colour does not match with them. But their intelligence matches with them much better. When would they stop differentiating between them? Their behaviour is going to prove very dangerous for the cultural unity of India? They should give due importance to us only then the whole country can develop and live peacefully. They should understand that we are also human beings although our culture and colour is somewhat different from them. All north Indians should learn to live happily and peacefully with other states of India. I hope, next time when we come to India, they would treat us very hospitably.