love vs money

My name is Vikram. I am from Himachal. I am in M.SC 1st sem. I started loving a girl when she was tenth class studying with me. We shared our meal with each other. We talked for hours to each other either in the school or at home on phone. She called me daily for talking to me. I completed my +2 class with her in the same school. Even then she was my best friend we often went in the restaurants. For having fun. Even in the vacations we met each other not even a single day passed when we not talked to each other. Everybody in the class had known that we were in the love with each other because we were extra caring for each other. She used to cook the dishes at home & bring for me at home we often exchanged gifts with each other. She was found of watches. I gave her many watches on every occasions of different colors. After our +2 was over we joined college. We joined the same college. Even in the college our friendship continued. Every student in the college had learnt that we are in love with each other because we were same coloured dresses every day. We continued dresses everyday. We continued meeting each other meeting in restaurants. There was not any decrease in the degree of our lover. Rather it was increasing everyday. I felt myself lucky as I had a good partner who was whole heartedly loyal to me from the school days. We never showed our interested in any body else except us . there was my friend of childhood who studied with us in school days.

After completing +2 he had gone to abroad and was from an extremely rich family. I introduced my friend to my beloved as he too had taken admission with us in that college. He told me that now she (my friend) is looking more young, attractive and beautiful than school days. I agreed to him. He too had an eye on my beloved. He started temping my beloved. He started temping my beloved with precious gifts. In the beginning my friend scolded him & shared everything with me. But I do not know what happened between them after two months that she started talking to him & she showed interest in him just because of money & gold. Whenever I went to meet her to talk to her she talked about that guy only. Actually she started loosing interest in me. I tried to convince her for many times by saying that I love you the most and I can not live without you as you are my life long partner. When day I saw them in the restaurant. They were talking to each other whole heartedly and she was saying that I stops her for talking to him. I listened her saying this. When I went near them 7 asked them what were they doing her? She told me boldly that if she continued her friendship with her for five years, it does not mean that she should continue it in the future also. I was shocked to listen this. I felt myself alone at that place and broke my friendship at that very time with her.

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