blood is thicker than water

My name is Ranjana. I am from Mumbai. I am of 16 years. My mother works in a company. Five years ago my mother got divorce from my father because of some disputes. My father had extra marital relations with a lady. My mother tried to mend him for many times. But he did not pay attention to it. At last they were divorced. My mother started living with her parents and I too. My mother had two brothers. Both of them were busy in their day to day activities. They had no time for my mother. After a year my mother’s mom expired and my mother’s father advised her to get marry with someone. My mother had no idea of marriage. But some how she agreed when my mom’s dad started saying her time & again they suggested her a man who was ten years younger to her. But he was ready to marry her as he was also divorce and my mother was doing job in a good company . he had no objection regarding age. He was a businessman. My mother started living in his home after their marriage and according to the law that was my father for six months everything went well. My father told me the stories linked to his life. He made every effort to make my mother happy she often cooked food for us to please us. We went to many places for travelling after some time my mother got pregnant. He was caring for her. One day I was alone in the home as my mother had gone to the doctor for medical check up. I was sleeping at that time. My step father came in to my room. He woke me up and took me in his arms. Although he was my step father yet I felt nervous as he had never behaved liked this in the presence of my mother. His intentions did not seem to me good as it was clear from his eyes when he was looking at me. I got myself freed from his clasp and ran out of the room. My mother entered the home just at that time. As I was looking she asked me for many times about what happened. But I did not tell her anything because she was having a baby in her womb and I had not any intention of disappointing her by telling her that the man to whom she has married is not a good fellow. I some how changed the matter by saying that I am not well that is why I am looking nervous. Now suggest me have I done good by not telling any thing to my mother or I have committed a mistake. Suggest me the best way which could not be disappointing for my mother.

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