Broken Relations – painful story of girl

My name is Ranjana (Changed Name ) . I am 33 years old. I am doing central govt job in Mumbai. I got married since seven years ago. Everything was going on well. Even after five years of my marriage. I was not able to conceive the baby. Everybody in the home blamed me for this. No body showed any sympathy to me due to infertility. I too had great desire to have my babies. My husband never blamed me for four years for my infertility. But the attitude of the family members was changing from bad to worse for me.

They started fighting with me even for trifles. They blamed for everything what happened in the house. My husband after some time too started feeling that we must have a baby. One day I talked to him for taking the foster child. He got agreed. But nobody in the house permitted us to bring any one else’s child in the home. They started rebuking me loudly when they came to know about it.

After six years of my marriage, my husband too started blaming me for not producing any baby under the influence of other family members. He started drinking and beating me daily. I had never seen his this type of behaviour with me earlier. I told about this to my family members. They told me to come back to her home. I went back to home and did not go there for two years. No body came from my in – laws family to take me. One day, my mother in law came in to my home. I thought that she had come in my home.

I thought that she had come in my home to take me from here in my law’s home. But that was not the case. She had to brought divorce papers for having my sign. I wept for a long time and signed on these papers because my husband’s signature were already on that page. I felt myself completely ruined at that time. My husband got married with in just three months after taking divorce.

I still love my husband and go back in my law’s home. I am ready to live there although their treatment to me is not good. I have spent seven years with him and how can I forget him and marry some one else as my parents are insisting me for that. I now want to meet my husband again and want to have relationship with him. I know what my husband has done is just under the influence of other family members. Suggest me what should I do. Should I marry someone else or talk to my husband.

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