pain of rejection – girls true story

My name is …………… I am living in Chandigarh. I want to share an experience linked to my life which I am never able to forget and has deep effect on me. Someone had suggested my family about a guy who was an assistant manager in a company for the purpose of marriage as I was of marriageable age. That guy and his family came in our home to see me. I was very happy and the whole members of my family too were very excited because I was going to be married with a very rich guy and having good personality.

Our whole house was decorated. All the members of my family had hoped that the boy’s family will like me in the first sight I was too innocent, sober and intelligent girl. We spent too much for the preparation of the food and for many other things as my family had fully hoped that I will be liked by guy today and the day of marriage will be finalized.

The boy’s party came. The boy was looking very handsome. My sister came running toward me with excitement and told me that boy is very smart. She had done every attempt to make me look beautiful and lovely. My family greeted the boy’s family. Everybody started talking. The eatables were served to them. Then my mother called me. With much excitement and shyness. I went in to the room. I was looking very nervous with fear. Everybody started looking at me. They asked me about my qualification age and what I was doing then. When the conversation was over.

They sent me in another room and boy’s started talking about my younger sister. It seemed that she was showing greater interest in her than me. She said that she want to get her son married with my younger sister. Everybody got shocked in the home. She told that if we want to get their younger sister married to her son, then they could proceed further.

After that boy’s family went out from the home. I started weeping as they had rejected me and chosen my sister in place of me. My sister to started weeping and she told to my mother that she would never marry that guy whose mother has rejected my sister. But because the boy’s family was of very high status, my family got ready after two days for getting my sister married to that guy with whom I was called.

My sister was not inwardly happy because she is very affectionate to me. I too consoled her and suggested that that guy would be the best for her and she is lucky that she has been liked for that guy and she is going to be married in such a high – status family. With in a week they decided the date of my sister’s marriage and my sister got married.

But now I do not want to get marry. I do want to go before any boy’s family for the purpose of marriage when they come to see me because I have fear that they would reject me this time also. My parents have tried to convince me for many times but fear is not getting outside from my mind.

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