My First true Love story

I am Priya (Changed Name ) , I am sharing my first true love story with you . I am doing professional degree. I started loving a guy when I was in 10th class in my school. I was the topper of my class and that guy too was very intelligent in studies our teachers often praised us in the class. We were studying together since fifth class. But when we reached in the tenth standard we started liking each other. In the very beginning we were jealous of each other because of the marks. After that we developed friendship with each other and came close. Every body in the class had come to know about it. After completing +2, his parents decided to send him in abroad.

He had swore with me that he will never forget me even after going abroad and will not marry anybody else except you. He went there. He called me daily from abroad. After staying there for three years, he went back to India. He had brought very precious dresses and other things for me about which his family had not known anything. He met me after coming from abroad in a restaurant. He was looking exceedingly smart than earlier. He was looking more mature than before.

He was very happy to see me after a so long time . His attachment to me had not reduced even to a small degree. He passed me the gifts. Which he had brought for me. I too had bought a gift which I handed over to him after that he told me that his family want to get him marry as early as possible because I will come India again after five years. He told me that I should talk about the marriage with my family. I had two sisters elder than me and they were unmarried. My parents had desire to get them marry before marrying me. I talked about this to him.

He some how was able to convince his family that he would get marry after coming from abroad for the second time. With much difficulty his family got agree. He went back to abroad after staying India only for two months. We met with each other only. For two times in two months. But we called daily to each other in two months, we lived the whole life and our attachment grew to the extreme degree. We talked for the whole night when he was supposed to go back to abroad in the next morning. Inwardly I had not the desire to send him back to abroad but I could not say him so.

Now four years has passed since he went back to England. My both sisters are married off. My parents want to get me marry also and They have selected a guy also. I had told about my boy friend to them but they are not agreeing for the marriage with him as they do not want to marry me with a guy who spends the most of his time in abroad. Suggest me what should I do. I can not be happy by marrying some other guy to whom I do not like at all and I just want to marry the guy with whom I have spent so many years.

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