Canada marriage – English story

My name is…. I am 28 years old. I live in a village near Kapurthala. Three years ago my marriage took place with a boy who had come from Canada. Somebody suggested my family that boy for my marriage. The boy was quite handsome. He was the single child of his parents having a lot of property on his credited. My family at once agreed for my marriage with that boy. I also agreed with them.
                                      My marriage took place in the hi-fi restaurant of our area. The boy stayed with me only for one week and went back to Canada. He promised that he would take me also in Canada. But three years have passed now and he has never shown his interest to take me with him in Canada.
                                     Moreover I have come to know from somebody that he was already married in Canada and has two kids there. He does never call me. I am a govt school teacher. I have not told anything to my parents about as they might feel very sad about it and would not be able to tolerate it. The family of my in-laws have good relations with me. They always try to convince me that my husband would take me with him in Canada and he is not married there. But he does not even like to talk with me whenever he call in India. What should I do.
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