marrige love story – english

My name is ……I am 24 years old. As the economic condition of my family was not good. I started living in my married sister’s home and while living there I resumed my studies. My college was just 2 K.M. away from my sister’s home. I used to go there by bus. One day I was traveling by the bus, the boy who used to travel daily by the same bus, offered me the seat as I was standing. After that he started talking to me. He was doing engineering in a near by college of that area. He became good friend of mine with the passage of time. We exchanged our phone no. s. one day, I was talking on the phone with the same boy my sister heard our whole conversation from the phone which was connected to the main phone. She inquired me about the whole matter. I disclosed the whole matter to her.

She decided to meet that boy. I told the boy that my sister wants to meet with him. We decided the time & place where we were going to meet. Me and my sister reached at the appointed place & time but he did not came there. Me & my sister were both very sad. She started talking rudely to me about that boy & told me that the boy has just cheated me. I did not saw the boy after many days. I started thinking that he had started living at some another place. It was not possible for me to forget the whole incident because it was happening with me for the first time.

As I kept on living the sad life after this, my sister started insistin my parents that they should marry me. But it was quite difficult for me to start liking another person for the sake of marriage. I had firm faith that the boy could never cheat me as I had observed his behaviour whenever he was with me.

Three years passed since that incident happened. One day I was reading the newspaper in very pensive mood. Exactly after one day my marriage was about to take place. I saw the photograph of the same boy with whom I was in love three years ago and I came to know that it was the third death anniversary of that boy. At this time tears started flowing down my eyes & I understood the whole matter why he had not come to meet me & my sister because he was dead at that time.


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