House Wife Love Story

My name is…. I am a house wife. Two years ago, I started liking a boy who studied with me in my class. At that time, I was in B.A 3rd year. Somehow, my parents came to know about my involvement with a boy of my college. They behaved strictly with him. They stopped me for going to the college. I was shut in a room. Nobody came in my room to console me. They desired to get me marry with a boy of their choice. They forced me to get marry with that boy. But I could not think any other person except my boy friend.

One day, I was alone in my room, my cousin who studies with me in my college, came to me and handed over a phone to me which was given by my friend to her for me. Nobody know anything about it at home.

I took phone from her & called him. He suggested me to run away with him as my parents. Behaviour to me was not good  & they were forcing me to marry the boy of their choice. I told him everything about what happened with me in my home.

We decided to run away during night. My cousin helped me as she was my best friend & could not see me in unhappy state after eloping, we reached in a temple where where  we got married. My in laws family accepted me happily. But my husband is out of job. He does not have interesting any of the work. He is drunkard. He sometimes insults me after drinking. He was used to drinking even in his college days. But he had promised with me that he would stop drinking after marriage. But this did not happened Now I am the mother of two daughters and my husband is still out of work.

My parents do not like to talk with me. They dislike my husband. They even want me to divorce from him as he is out job & drinks excessively. What should I do now. Suggest me the best way.



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