True Love With Savita Bhabhi -English love Story

My name is Abhinav (Changed Name) . I am of 25 years age. We have a joint family. My father and brothers are also staying with him. My cousin’s marriage took place before three years with a girl named savita bhabi(Changed name ) she is exceedingly beautiful and that girl remained in relationship with me even before her marriage with my cousin. My brother went to abroad after staying with her (Savita Bhabhi) for six months after marriage. She stays in our home as we have joint family.

I am her brother – in – law of savita bhabhi. She prepares breakfast for me and irons my clothes even. My mother likes that lady too much and often says that she wants her own daughter – in – law (means my wife) should also be like her means beautiful as well as intelligent. I often like to talk to her. One day she came in to my room and started talking about our previous relationship. She had tears in her eyes at that time. She revealed that she married with her husband under duress because her parents wanted her to do so. Otherwise she does not like her husband at all.

Firstly I had thought that savita bhabhi was disloyal. That is why savita bhabi married to some another guy. But now I understood the whole matter. Even after her marriage with my cousin she had love for me and I noticed that in her eyes and I too had love for her. She got hold my hand and kept it on her head and asked me that if I am in love with her or not? I did not given any answer and she understood that I am in love with her even now.

We often go in the market for shopping. She shares everything, related to her life with me. But our relationship is absolutely spiritual. There is not any sort of ill will in our relationship. I am trying my most to keep her happy in our family. I often let her to talk with my cousin on my phone. Her mother in law is of not good nature. She often scolds her for one thing or the other. But she shares everything with my mother and get herself relieved.

Now my cousin would come in our home after one year staying over there and I would try my best to bring them near to each other. Although I love her (Savita bhabhi) but love does not say that we should mar the future of with whom we are in love. It means sacrifice also. Although she is too innocent and does not understand the things fully but I would tell her to how to spend the life and solve the problems linked to the daily life. It is my message to everybody that we should understand the value of relationships and act according to them.

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