Cheating in love – based on real story

My name is Renuka (Changed Name ) . I am from Jalandhar I am of 22 years old. My father is an engineer and mother is a house wife. I have two sisters and one brother. My brother is youngest of them all and my two elder sister are married. When I was ninth class in the school, I started loving a boy of my class. I always took his help for solving every problem and he always did every effort to solve every problem linked to me. We studied to gather even in the college. I completed my graduation with him in the same college. We were in the habit of sitting together at college for hours. Everybody in the college had come to know that we are friends. From school days to say college days, my attachment remained same to him.

He too had full trust in me. He had full sure that I could not have friendship with any other guy except him. I too had full faith in him. As he was the smart guy, an girls had proposed him for friendship but every time he had said ‘no’ to them by saying that he is already involved with some one else. He shared everything linked to his life with me and I too. Not even a single day passed when we did not call each other. Even if we were supposed to not come at college then we always informed each other on phone. Generally, we were absent from the college together as most of our holidays were planned. We often planned for moving outside the college. Really those days were wonderful which I could never forget.
After, my graduation, my parents sent me in Chandigarh for doing M.B.A. as my boy friend was not from affluent family and his parents could not afford to bear the expenses of doing M.B.A. so they let him to complete post graduation.
Now I am in Chandigarh and is living in a flat on rent and is doing M.B.A. a boy has started liking me here. He even has expressed his desire of marrying me. He is quite handsome and rich. He has every facility by which he could make me happy. He has even talked to his parents that he wants to get marry with me and his parents do not have any objection regarding it. I too have started liking him. But I like my ex-boy friend also who always supported me since my childhood. I can not forget the days which I have spent with him. I am not able to understand if I have forget my boyfriend that I have started liking some another guy. But when I introspect myself then I feel that ‘no’ I name same love for him as I had before.

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