Internet love – false illusion

My name is anamika (changed name). I am from Jaipur. Three years earlier I met a boy named Ayaan (changed name). We were just online friends and after some time we got in to the relationship in the long distance relationship we had never met each other but we had seen each others in photos. I loved him and he also loved me, we were in a relation for Two years and we gained each other’s trust completely. But after some time his attitude and behavior changed for no cause, he started ignoring me.

We had a fight but later on it was sorted out, after that we generally had quarrels on small issues. Then during that course I came to know that he was cheating me and he had a girlfriend other than me in Punjab. So I ended my relation with him. We were separated then but he apologized for his fault and said he would correct his mistake, I forgave him and we were in relation again but it did not seem like earlier. It carried on for six more months. Then again I got to know that he was in relation with a girl. So this time I talked to that girl. But this time Ayaan said that he love her and do not want to talk with me so I just left but I was still ayaan’s friend. We usually talked.

All this conversation revealed that he still love me, and I also loved him so I asked him why can’t we together? I got a shocking answer that he has blood cancer and he want to maintain a distance from me, but I do not know that this is true or not or weather he loves me or not and this time he was in relation with some other girl, but says he loves me, I do not know he is correct or not, but he cares for me and he is still jealous of other guys who talk to me, lastly I told his girl friend all this and he had a quarrel with me, he then asked weather we can be just friends or not, what to say to him now? Will he betray me again, or he’s true or not? I am confused, can’t just decide what to do…..

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