It was only her Desire

My name is Rohan (Changed Name ) . I am from Chandigarh. I am doing M.C.A. I am living in a flat on rent while my parents are in Delhi where they are living with my elder brother who is married.

One year ago, I girl took admission in our college for doing M.C.A. she was good looking and innocent. I often fell that she is interested in me. My parents always remembered me on phone that my main motive of living in Chandigarh is just to do M.C.A and get myself settled in a reputed company as early as possible. So I did not ever show interest in girls. One day, that girl proposed me for friendship but I said ‘no’ to her as I wanted to keep myself away from the girls so that I could devote myself completely to the studies.

After my saying ‘no’ to her that girl did not leave her efforts. She again proposed me. I again said ‘no’ but she asked me the reason of saying ‘no’ then I told her that I do not want to involve in relationship with any of the girl as I am not that sort of guy and just- want to concentrate on my career. Then she told me that she just want to do friendship with me and do not want to get in to the relationship with me. When she said me again and again, then I got agreed. She started calling me. I kept on talking to her on phone although I was not willing. From her talks, I came to know that she is from Hoshiarpur and belongs to a middle class family. After some days she told me that she wants to share my flat. Although I was not willing to share my flat with anyone yet I got agreed by thinking that she might have some problem of money that is why she wants to share flat with me. I got agreed and she started sharing my flat in her presence in the flat, I tried to keep myself away from her.

But on the other hand, she always found one excuse or the other to come near me one day, she expressed her desire of sleeping with me but I resisted it and told her to leave the flat immediately. She left the flat by saying that I do not have shortage of boys. Next day, in the college, I came to know that she had love affair with a boy with whom she was engaged and her marriage was about to take place next month.
Now she has left me altogether. But often many questions arise in my mind. He often asks myself why did she wanted to have friendship with me if she already was in relationship. Then what was the reason of her sharing my flat. I often asks myself if it was just  desire or she really had some money problem that was why she was sharing flat with me. I often do not find the answer of these questions.

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