Child before Marriage – story of unmarried girl

My name is riya (Changed Name ) . I have completed my post graduation. I am of 25 years old. I am from Jaipur. My father is a military officer and mother is a house wife. I want to spread my message to the people that some things happen in our life by which we are forced to sacrifice some things related to our life. One day, I went to Delhi to meet my relatives. After spending a few days over there, I was coming back to my home town by train. I reached at Jaipur at 10:00 P.M. it was too late. I was coming by train. At the railway station, I saw a small baby girl who was crying and was probably of few days. Her parents had left her on God’s mercy and fled from the place. It was bitterly cold night. The girl was continuously crying. No body was paying any attention toward her in such misty weather. I was not able to see such a sight. So, with trembling hands I picked up the baby as I was sure that if I do not pick the baby for some time more, she would die. After a few minutes, my brother reached at the railway station to pick up me and to reach me at home. He was surprised to see me holding a baby. He enquired about the baby and I told everything to him. He started rebuking me for picking up the baby and told me for leaving the baby at station.

But my heart was not allowing me to do that s the baby had felt relaxation in my hands and was silent. Moreover, my attachment had grown with her after picking her up. Some how I reached home with my brother. My father became very angry when he came to know about it but my mother favored me. She gave me the hot milk so that I could help baby to drink it. The baby slept with me and my mother. Even in the morning, everybody was rebuking me except my mother. My father went in to the police station to file complaint against the parents of the baby and finding them so that baby could be handed over to them. But police was not able to find the parents of the baby after a few days, I told my lover about the baby and I told him that I have adopted the baby. After knowing about it, his attitude changed completely toward me. He advised me many times for leaving the baby in the orphanage but I steamily said ‘no’ to him about it. By saying that he could not do marriage with me with the baby, he broke friendship with me. Now girl is of 3 years. My parents want to get me marry as early as possible. But I often think if there would be any boy on this earth who would accept me with this baby and if he agrees for it. Then would he give the love of a father to the baby. I am at a loss to know what to do. Suggest me guys what should I do now so that baby’s life could not suffer.

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