My Mad Ex- boyfriend is back – triangle love story

My name is shina (Changed name ) . my ex-boy friend is mad . I am of 22 years old. I am studying in university in final year of post graduation. I am from shimla and my father has dry fruit’s business. I have one brother who is well settled in abroad and mother is house wife. When I was in B.A final year, I started loving a guy of my class. We often talked to each other on phone and went on dates. In the beginning my attachment to him was very fast but after a year I felt that he is not that type of guy of whom I am in search.

As he was very rude and haughty somehow our friendship continued for two years. But after that I started liking sumit who doing P.G.D.C.A in the same college. He was very caring, loving and had deep regard in him for me. Whenever I compared sanjeev (my ex-boy friend) with sumit, I always found that sumit is much better than him and I started realizing that I have got the guy of whom I was in search. Moreover, sanjeev was no as handsome as sumit. So his personality had magical effect on me. Sumit too had great desire to become friend of mine. But he was afraid of sanjeev for proposing me. One day, I called sumit and openly told him that I am in love with him rather that sanjeev as he is not that type of guy that I always needed. Sumit was very happy to know about it. Now I wanted to tell sanjeev that I want to break friendship with him.

So, I went straight way to him in the college and told what was in my heart sanjeev got very upset on knowing about it. I saw tears in his eyes and he told me that he always desired to marry me. He told me that he could not live without me and could not loose me at any cost. Now I am in flux what should I do. I have started loving sumit but sanjeev do not let me do that all. I do not know if he is black mailing me or it is his real loved which he is expressing now to me. I am not able to decide what should. I die. Please help guys to come out of this problem and suggest me what should be good for me in future.

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