Dilemma – Pain of girls – love story

My name is Neeru (Changed Name ) . I am from Hoshiarpur. I am of twenty two years old. I have two sisters and one brother is youngest from us all. My father is a drunkard and mother is a house wife. My family loves me a lot. My father works in factory but whatever he earns spends it in drinking. My mother has tried to mend him for many times but did not have any affect on him. We all sisters do tuition work at home. Just from that money we are able to continue our study and manage the household. I have one elder sister and one younger sister we are of marriageable age. Now and our parents and relatives are finding suitable guys for us. I and my sister have completed graduation now. My younger sister is in B.A. Third Semester .
I am in love with a guy who is from our relatives. My family has deep relations with the family of that guy with whom I am in love. He understands my every problem and try to solve it from every angle. I am involved with him since. I was in Tenth class. He often comes in our home for one excuse or the other for just to meet me. He loves me intensely. He himself says that we can not think of marrying any other except me.

One month back, my aunt suggested a guy for my elder sister for the purpose of marriage. That guy is from America and he has come in India just for marriage. He wants to take the girl in America after marriage the boy’s family came to see my elder sister. But unfortunately that guy’s mother liked me and now she wants me to get marry with his son. My parents do not have any objection regarding it. They now want me to get marry with that guy and get myself settle in America so that I could help my family financially but me problem is that I am already in love. I can not think of leaving my lover and marrying some another guy just for the purpose of money. When I discussed about it with my lover then he suggested me for running away to some secure place and get marry over there but this is against my ethics. I can not take any step against the reputation of my parents. I am in great confusion. At one time I think of marrying that guy who has been selected by my parents for the purpose of my marriage and help my family financially so that they could rise economically and live happily, after going to America. But on the other side, I think about that guy who is in love with me. He is truly devoted to me and I think what would happen to him if I get myself married with the guy of my parent’s choice and settle in America.

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