Successful second marriage story

My name is Varun (Changed Name ) . I am of thirty three years old. I had a very happy family. Five years ago, my marriage took place. My wife’s name was Aradhana (Changed Name ). She really was very caring. She had all the qualities which I always thought should be in a lady. I was feeling myself lucky that I have such a wife who is completely devoted to me only. After a year of my marriage, a small baby took birth in our home. I was exceedingly happy when the baby was born. We both husband and wife thought deeply for the name of the new born baby. Finally we gave her name ‘Ananya’. My baby is just the carbon copy of my wife.

Two years ago we were going to Shimla for spending the summer. My wife had great interest of going at distant places along with me. She had the interest in shopping also. Whenever she got angry with me, I used to take her in the market and let her to buy every thing she wants. She was crazy for buying the new dresses and never said ‘no’ to any of the garment selected by her for purchasing. As we were going to Shimla, we were traveling by plane. We enjoyed a lot at Shimla. After staying there for five days’ we were coming back to our home, all of a sudden after going at some distance, the plane in which we were traveling crashed. My wife died on the spot. Only me and my baby were alive. I felt too much pained at that time. At that time, I thought that everything is lost now. That was the incident which I have not the ability to narrate through this story. After the death of my wife. I lost interest in everything me and my baby often use to cry after the death of my wife. On seeing my wife’s photographs. My parents could not see me in this condition. So they did every effort to bring me out from the grief. After a year of my wife’s death, they suggested me for marriage. But I said ‘no’ to them as I had not forgotten Aradhana and could never think that any other lady could take her place. Rather I told my parents that I would feel more pained if I get myself married with some other lady. Moreover I had deep attachment with my baby. I told them that my baby’s would be step mother would never be able to take care of her rather she would try to take me away also from baby. So I had not even a little bit intention for second marriage.
My parents found a way of solving my problem. My wife had a sister. She was younger to her and was not married. Even my wife’s parents were ready to let their daughter married to me. So my parents suggested me the name of Neha (my wife’s younger sister) for marriage. Firstly I said ‘no’ as I had for Aradhana. But when they started pressing me again and again, then I got agreed now Neha is my wife. I always see Aradhana in her. Her attitude to my baby is also that of her own mother. I do not have any complaint from her has tried a lot to forget me about Aradhana. Really, I am lucky that I got Neha as my second wife other wise I could have never been able to forget Aradhana.

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