Doctors Love Story

My name is…… my profession is of a doctor. Many patients come to me for surgery. Three years I started loving a boy who was my colleague. I expressed my desire of marrying him. He agreed to my proposal as both of us were in the same field. I exposed the whole matter to my parents and told them that I want to marry the boy who works with me. They did not approve it as they had the wish of marrying me with the boy of their choice. They forced me for marrying some another boy for many years. But I strongly disagreed with it because that boy was not of my profession.

I had the feeling that the boy only of my profession would be able to understand me properly. We planned to run away for the marriage. We planned to run away for the marriage. We ran away leaving our living places and married where no body knew us. By doing hard work for many years we opened a hospital and now both of us work together in that hospital. I often remember my parents. But I have not the courage to enter in my parental home because I have taken the step which was totally against their wishes. I have a baby also. I often feel my parents might be very happy to see my baby when they would come to know about it. But I often take my steps back when I feel my mist able unpardonable. Suggest me, what shall I do. If I should go in my parental home & feel sorry or I should never think about them at all.

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