true love story english

My name is…. I am 25 years old. I live in my Aunt’s home. Before four years I started living here. My parents are poor & they were not able to pay my fee. So, they sent me in my Aunt’s home. My uncle lives in abroad. My aunt is a working woman. She is a nurse in a hospital. She has a daughter who is two years younger to me. She is very beautiful. As she is the single child of Aunt, she consults the whole affairs of her life with me. One day when there was no body in the home, she proposed me for love. She openly declared that she is in love with me. Although I too was in love with her. But I had kept it a secret & through it better to not to disclose it because she was my aunt’s daughter & there was great difference between their standard of living & our standard of living. They were helping my family by keeping me in their home & my feelings were not pure for the daughter of the family who was supporting me. When she proposed me for love strongly spurned her proposal & tried to make her understand that that was not at all possible because what would be the parents think if they come to know about it. But she was not in the position to understand me she stopped talking to me. She isolated herself even from her mother. I was not able to see his pitiable state. So I agreed to her proposal & exposed my feelings also before her which I was concealing from so long time. We have now gone to the extent of even having bodily relations in the absence of my aunt. But I often feel myself guilty because I am doing completely wrong to the family which is supporting me. But I am helpless. My aunt would never be able to forgive me if she comes to know about it what shall I do suggest me the best possible way which could save from the sin which I have committed or is still committing.

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