Domestic Problem –very painful story

My name is amit (Changed Name ). I am of 35 years age. I have a son. My wife does job in a company. Five years have passed to my marriage. My wife has an affair with a guy who does job in the same company where my wife do. She often goes in that guy’s home for one excuse or the other. I stops her for going that person’s home but she does not agree to it. The atmosphere of our home has become for bad to worse since that guy entered in my wife’s life. When I talk to her about her affair with that guy she says that there is nothing between us. We are just friends and there is not anything wrong between us and says that guy understands my feelings and problem.


So I can never leave my friendship with him. My friends often makes joke at me when my wife goes to meet that guy and say that I do not have control over my wife. They often suggest me for taking divorce from her. Whenever, I asks her for taking divorce, she says that she does not want to take divorce from me as there is nothing wrong in her relationship with that guy. Now she is neither leaving me nor him.


But I asks her for choosing one. But she does not understand these things. She does not want to listen anything against that guy from me. I do not want to live with her any more. I do not  have any sort of feeling in my heart for my wife. I am just passing my time with her. She does not even take care of her child. She does not even prepare food for me as well as for child. I eat the food in the restaurants. She does not take care of me. She even insults me in the presence of my family and blames me for everything what happens in the home. My friends says that you are very innocent as you are tolerating this type of wife suggest me what should I do if I want to get myself separated from my wife.

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