Troubles Teaches Us a lot After Marriage

My name is Aradhya (Changed Name ) . I am of 28 years old. I am a house wife. My husband is a farmer. I had three sisters. My father was also a small land owner and a farmer. We studied with great difficulty. But I was very good in studies I always got first  position in the class. I had desire to study more. My parents always took daughters as liabilities. They always got ready to shake the burden from their shoulders.

One day, my aunt came in our home. As I was the eldest girl in the family, she suggested a guy to my parents for my marriage because the guy was from a rich family and had a large land to his credit, my parents got ready for the marriage. As I was small in age and was just in B.S.C First year, I did not agree for the marriage. But my parents some how was able to convince me for the marriage.

When the boy’s family came in our home to see me, they liked me for my qualities and my physical beauty. At that time, I told them that I am just of 18 years of age and I want to continue my studies. They told that there is not any shortage of money in the home and they would not let her do any work in the home. They told that I could continue my study even after marriage. So I got ready for the marriage even though there was nine years difference of age between me and my husband.

I got married. For two months I did not tell them that I want to take admission in the college as I thought that they themselves would ask me for it. But they did not ask me anything regarding my further continuing the study. When I myself talked about my continuing the studies. They told that what is the need of further continuing the study. Just two months have passed of your marriage. First you should learn about adjusting in your in laws family.

I remained silent and went in the room and started weeping bitterly as I had desire that I would become I.A.S. officer after completing my studies. I had never thought even in a dream that I would become house wife. After that I became pregnant and thought it is just written in my fortune to become a house wife after that I gave birth to a baby girl. As my mother – in – law was of very traditional thinking, she always blamed me for giving birth to a baby girl.

Their behavior became bad to worse for me. So it became difficult for me to stay in that family. I went back in my parental home. My parents became very hopeless when no body came from my – in – laws family to take me back to my – in- laws house. I did not loose hope even in that crucial time and asked my parents that I want to continue my study so that my mind could be diverted to some other side. I took admission in a college. I passed my graduation with good marks and too in that years I filled the form of I.A.S. I cleared that exams.   I selected on a good post. Now I am no longer a burden on my family and now I am earning one lakh 50 thousand per month. My in – laws now want me to take me back in the home. But I do not want to go back as no body came to take me back when I was in trouble and now I am completely satisfied with my life and they want to take me back. I want to prove in the society that girls are no longer liabilities in the society and should learn to live the life independently.

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