Healthy friendship but not love

My name is jaya (Changed Name ). I was doing B.Tech from the good institutions. I was very friendly and had many good friends. But I liked to spend much time in studies. So some of my friends complained me, why I don’t spend time with them. I always smiled when they told this to me. What more I could do?

All of us took exam together and solved our queries together. The time spent and we reached at our final year. My friend called me to join all of them. After five days we had exam. But I thought that I would go today and spend time with my friends as that was last day in our college. After that we all have to go for training purpose to different places.

I went and spent time with them. In those days, Diwali was near so my sister gave me a mobile as a Diwali gift. My friends saw that and told me to give the party for having such a nice cell. I gave party to all of my friends. Now I hoped at the end that everybody would not have any complaint with me. All of my friends were happy.

Our exam was over and we went for training. At my training, I met one  guy at facebook. I got his friend request and I saw his complete profile. He was ok and his qualification was  B.Tech from some other university. I didn’t accept his friend request but I used to talk to him. became friends and I found him good. I accepted his friend request.  We did not talk much but some time at weekends or after one or two months.

He and I are totally opposite to each other. He used to go outside at weekends and enjoy much with friends. But I remain at room every time. Sometimes go outside in a month. Otherwise from job to room and room to job!

One day he told me to meet him but I just changed the talk and started talking on other topic. We became good friends. He told me about his friends, his office colleagues and his family members.

My roommate always told me that I like him, but I do not. We are only good friends.

One day at office, my friend saw me that I’m chatting with him. She was smiling and looking at me continuously. I asked what? She told nothing. I laugh… Haha… Because I came to know that she had doubt on me.

She asked: – Why are you laughing?

I answered: – nothing dear.

She told: – See I know one of you likes each other. Either you like that guy or he likes you.

I answered: – Ok ok. Think what you want to think. I smiled.

She said… hmmm ok.


One day at lunch time, everybody was at office talking about their boy friend and girl friend. But I had nothing to say because I was single.

My friend then told. See guys… Jaya has no boy friend. She has good friends. So my colleagues said, what she can do more because may be her every friend will be committed. My friend told no she has single friends but still she is single. She has healthy friendship. She has a good friend at face book. They talked each other much and always spent time happily with each other. But they are not in affair or in love. They both are single but are nice friends.

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