I was not grown up

People think that growing up is enough to handle the life. But it’s not so A grown up child can never be mature without the teaching of his parents. The same thing happened to me too.

When I was just 14 years old that time.  I used to think that I am mature enough to handle my life. I didn’t need my parent’s suggestion in my personal decisions. I started going outside and coming late at night at my home. My parents used to be angry to me but I really didn’t care about them.

One day I went to club with my school friends for hanging out. We had a dispute there with the other boys. The scene became so worst that the manager called police and we were caught.

Police called to my parents and let them know about the situation. Instead of making me free from there, my parents left me in the same way.

When I asked the reason then my parents told me that I was a grown up child and mature enough to handle all that. So I was to handle that myself only.

At that moment I realized my mistake and I apologised to them for my mistakes.

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