Real Short Anonymous Confession Stories

By WifeI do not like my husband. He loves my body not my soul

SadMy G.F left me alone. I am feeling very much sad today.

Guilty Dear, please come back, I feel Guilty on my act.

Relations yes I am gay and I feel proud on it.

Boss I am 21 year old beautiful girl. My boss is around 45 years old and he loves me as well as my figure.

MMS I made MMS of my girl friend, unfortunately all my friends saw that incident on my mobile. I am very ashamed.

Fun – I brought prostitute at my home. All my friends enjoyed. That night (me also). But unfortunately my fathers saw all that incident. That time my all friends ran away, now she is my wife now I do not allow my friends to enter in my house.

SchoolI felt ashamed in school. When my teacher saw me and my boy friend. We both are busy in kissing each other at that time.

Fight I am 18 years old girl. I am habitual of fighting

Love in car I was busy with B.F in car (in rainy season). Unfortunately police caught us for wrong conduct.

Selfish I am selfish. I left my true love only for my future

Love I am married girl. But still I love my Ex – Boy friend.

Smoking – I have been smoking for past 3 years, still my parents have not come to know about it.

Breast I always feel shy due to my small Breast. I do some shameful acts to increase the size of my Breasts. Now I feel shame on myself for that act.

Desire I had desire to make relations with my friends sister, now I feel ashamed on that.

Skinny– all my friends made fun of me but I am happy that I am skinny

CrazyMy G.F loves S**. She was too much crazy. But I could not do immoral things before marriage.

Fun with BoyI dressed up myself as a beautiful girl and started talking with my best friend. He started flirting and tried to kiss me, but I am not gay, so I told him. But even after knowing. That I am boy he kissed me deeply like I am his G.F. but after that kiss I always forcing that guy to kiss me again.

Hostel I am boy. When I was in hostel some boys started s** with me even if I said ‘No’. But now I love this type of act in my life.

Power Medicines- My wife was not satisfied with me. So I indulge in started taking power medicines to satisfy her. But now I do not want to continue with power medicines.

Rape- one day I tried to rape my G.F. but she slapped me for. That Act I am very ashamed full for my that conduct.

Fun when I was little, I thought that the doctors cut, open the mother’s stomach to get the baby out.

ShockedI was shocked when I came to know the reality of my wife.

GayI love him yet I know he is not a gay?

Broken heart I feel sorry, I had broken heart of my love.

Stole– I stole money from my husband’s purse.

Love with girlI am girl and I love a girl. I want to marry with girl but my parent does not like it.

Mom I want a baby, but I fear being a mom.

Sweet sixteen I am sixteen years old girl. I have not kissed any person yet. I am in search of a good guy.   

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